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    Hi all,

    I have results of my business traction so far but want to know what business owners here have experienced what works best for market traction? i.e offers, trial, freebies, etc..

    I think nothing beats a damn good product that sells itself.

    Would be interested in your thoughts.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hi Steve,

    I have edited your post to remove the email address. Please feel free to set up a signature – you will find some tips here:


    To answer your question:

    1. Get found by the customers you are targeting
    2. Understand what and why your customers are looking for your product/service
    3. Meet the needs above in your images, copy, personal presentation
    4.Make it easy for your customer to buy
    5.Provide excellent pre and post sale support

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    Hi Steve,

    Yes, having a good product is the key, but I also agree with Paul on point 5 support is critical. Also clear visibility on price.

    I think when it comes to your specific business, service offerings (quotes etc) I think free trial or listing period is the best choice, and based on your previous posts you already have that. :)

    Are you getting retention from those trials?

    I have software applications, so trials and free periods are the key for me to get someone using it, and we support them the whole way through even when they are on free trial.

    Another critical part is the exit feedback, if someone doesn’t buy after a trial, they have a little 3 question survey to help us improve, about 85% of people complete the survey and that is the most valuable information we can gather.

    To be totally honest for traction in the market – the BEST marketing tool I have is my current clients, they are referring other people to me, and if they change jobs they contact me directly to get set up with their new employer.

    In regards to your business:

    I am not sure based on your website what the price is to list after the free period, but with this type of business you need to make sure you are clear on your pricing.

    You are in a position where you are up against stiff competition with a solid directory already (http://www.serviceseeking.com.au) as an example, so I think you need to show what makes you different, show the benefits.

    I think you also need to consider contacting some trade associations and see if you can get their member interested in listing for free. You are in a catch 22 situation without listing people can’t compare prices, so you need to target businesses to list first.

    Good luck, and I truly hope this is helpful :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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