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    1. What needs reviewing? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)
    2. What does your business do?
    3. Who is your target market?
    4. What specific concerns do you have?

    1.I’d like some feedback on my store header and any other advice would be very much appreciated!
    2. I sell false eyelashes online
    3.My primary target market is young women
    4. My specific concern is that my site doesn’t look tust-worthy

    URL: http://mylashes.com.au/

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    Hi Xlaire,

    I reckon your site looks trustworthy enough but I struggled to find the most important information to me: how to use false eyelashes :)

    But while you’ve got some stunning images there, one could improve on the header in my opinion: it’s somewhat hard to read and the quality of the typography just doesn’t match that of the images. First thing: I wouldn’t put a heavy black frame around it, they always look a bit like death notices.

    And another thing: please don’t use images for text (you news is an image) as search engines cannot read images, but regularly updated news would be good for SEO.

    That’s just what comes to my eye first, hope it helps a bit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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