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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m just completing my website (all links lead to home page at present [smile]) but should be finished by next week (late April 09) – so please don’t be too harsh just yet! Suggestions are always welcome but I’m not finished yet.

    A little bit about our services
    http://www.ribbonspace.com provides small business with document and system automation tools for MS Office 2007 (ribbons, macros and xml) and business and educational templates. Should clients avail themselves of our ribbon tool you become a member for 12 months. Any updates to our ribbon tool are free for the next 12 months.

    Members are also offered 20 minute online Workshops for a nominal fee – one on one support. When someone shows you how to do something with the right tools it makes such a difference. We promise you won’t look back.

    Small Business Websites
    Websites with free hosting and domain name transfer are our speciality – AUD$750 for our starter package excluding logos, images, text, domain name registration and SEO optimisation. Once your site is set free you should be able to maintain and develop it on your own. We are always here for a reasonable fee to assist should the need arise to set up a new form/database or a simple store.

    Cloud Services
    Digital outsourcing for consultants, chambers, medical, media and academics – all documents, reports and PowerPoint presentations.

    ribbonspace.com values professionalism, politeness, ethics and honesty and undertakes work globally. We strive to be green with our Apple Intel Macs, VoIP telephone service, SMS and online cloud services for services, storage and backup and implement up-to-date best practice systems and technology.

    I’m very interested in hooking up with copywriters, ghost writers and the like, graphic designers and illustrators for text, logos and images happy to have their contact and web address details listed on my website as professional resources. Only SOHO’s with websites happy to allow reciprocal links – [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from interested SOHOs.

    That’s about it for my introduction.

    Have a great day everyone and thanks for a great Forum fs.

    Sydney, Australia
    [email protected]

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    Hi Janine,
    Welcome to the forum and look forward to seeing you in the threads.
    All the best with finishing the website too!

    Renee Barber
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    Hello there Janine, welcome to FS!

    I’m looking forward to seeing your completed website so I hope you post again when it’s ready for a good looksee and some constructive comments.

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    Hi and welcome. I am new, too.

    Congratulations on your business and new website. I will check it out again when you have finished it.

    I write for small businesses and for people who are too busy to do it themselves. Perhaps I can help you some time.

    Good luck with the site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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