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    Hi All

    Maybe an easy question for some if the experts on here.
    .just had my site re built but when I Google the domain name the old site links are still there although its no longer live.

    I have sent the new site to googke to be re indexed and wondered how long this will take and if I need to take anymore steps?

    Thanks heaps


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    Hi G,

    Whoever rebuilt your site for you should have noted every single existing link and set permanent redirect (HTTP 302) rules for them to the new, or closest related pages.

    Now.. When someone clicks on your Google search results they will likely go to a Page Not Found error (HTTP 404) and Google goes, hmm this site is dead let’s drop it down the search results page and this kills your existing google ranking.

    Being blunt, a developer that knows what they’re doing would have done this and until they fix it this is going to harm your Google ranking.

    It can take weeks before Google picks up new links and removes old ones, a good developer generates a sitemap and submits it through Google Webmaster Tools to increase the speed that Google goes and finds and ranks the new pages but if they haven’t setup the redirects I’d be worried they have not done this either.

    So two things to ask them about:

    – ‘Permanent Redirects’ for the old page locations to the new ones
    – ‘XML Sitemap’ which needs to be submitted through Google Webmaster Tools


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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