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    Ever wanted to know what impact sitting all day at work is having on your health?

    The Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute is currently recruiting office workers, aged 35-65 years to participate in a novel study investigating the impact of standing more at work using an electric, height-adjustable desk on markers of heart health, namely blood glucose and blood (fats) lipids.

    Ideal study candidates include adults who sit >4 hours a day at work, are able to work remotely from their office on a computer, do not smoke, are not too active ( < 300 mins/wk MVPA) and are not on any glucose-or cholesterol lowering medications. The study is conveniently being undertaken at The Alfred Centre (99 Commercial Rd, Melbourne). During the study, participants will be asked to undertake their usual work tasks in a private office that has been fitted with a height-adjustable workstation and a computer that provides internet/printing/telephone access for a total of n=10 work days over a period of 3-4 weeks. Participants may also use a personal computer (ie. laptop). As part of the study, participants will be required to provide blood samples (on four separate occasions), undertake a simple resting energy expenditure test (on 2 separate occasions) and wear activity monitors. All participants will be provided with free car parking in the Alfred Centre and some meals during the study. Participants will also be generously financially reimbursed for their time. If you are interested in finding out what impact sitting for prolonged periods at work is having on your health and would like more information on the study, please reply to this email or contact the study coordinator on 8532 1854 or at [email protected]

    The study is being funded by the National Heart Foundation and is due to conclude in May 2013.

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    Hi Alicia,

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity with us – we’ve had a few chats around here about the benefit of desks set up to let you stand at them or walk on a treadmill while using them, so you just might find some takers for this.

    We’ll be fascinated by the results of your research too!

    Good luck with it all,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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