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    Hello bloggers and business owners; both those starting out and those already established.

    I am posting today in “Selling Online” because I am curious how you all sell online.
    How did you begin to sell services/products online?

    Where you always established online, or has society forced businesses to move towards that now?
    I would like to hear about your experiences starting up and moving online.

    To any bloggers out there as well, did you start monetizing your blog and start as a business, or did you start with passion and information, wanting to just share and then shifted in monetization?

    I am currently in the process of designing my own blog that will be the front of my business in relation to health & fitness.

    Would enjoy hearing your thoughts, opinions, and journeys!

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    I originally started wholesaling to my business customers but as I love selling at markets I also started selling at markets.
    Since my product was very well received it made sense to open an online store for customers further away than the markets I was selling at so I started selling my left over stock online. I still much prefer to sell face to face over online though.

    Jason Ramage
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    Hi Maddison

    Your post has lots of queries, so my apologies if i overlook some of them.. although to try and answer a component of it, read below.

    Me, personally, selling online came from having a product i liked and not wanting to speak to people directly.. From this, i delved into eBay many many years ago as an online channel and stuck with it.. as time progressed and technology begin to simplify websites and placing a little control into the hands of site owners with things like woocommerce or shopify, we also launched our own wesbite to run alongside ebay.

    The how to begin.. You need to jump.. but before you jump, you need a product.. find something you like and move with it…. i liken your post to most business queries and people asking ‘how did you start’ irrespective of the online side of things.. i say this, cos if you are selling anything you will need to be online in some shape or form to be a success now days – meaning online just happens in business nowadays IMO… hope that makes sense?

    Run with your blog, build an audience and run with a complimentary product to your blog – as you are eluding too.. sounds like a roadmap to me ;)

    Keep us in the loop, sounds like you have an awesome journey ahead

    Jason Ramage | Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd | E: hello@lucasarthur.net.au   P: 61 3 8324 0344    M: 61 412 244 888
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    MaddisonJ, post: 270692, member: 114144 wrote:
    How did you begin to sell services/products online?

    Interesting one this, I have both a service business and a products business.

    My primary services business, I tried online in as far as website, FB, etc. But very quickly found that the quality of client was a problem, and this has being confirmed by many others, but they are happy to persist, but for me I am only aiming to service high quality clients. I still have a website which purposely ranks about 2,652,765 on Google, as I don’t really want people to find it, but I am told I need it to show I am legitimate, personally I think thats rubbish but for $30 a year, no big loss.

    My products are giftware, which I started thinking it could possibly be a replacement for gardening when I get old and grumpy (don’t comment [USER=34537]@LucasArthur[/USER]). I broke all the rules which I preach on here, and just decided to throw a thousand bucks at it and see where it went. I use Ebay as my sales platform, and have considered my own ecommerce site, because people keep telling me the fee’s are to high. But when you look at the cost of your own ecommerce site, SEO, etc, etc, etc you end up spending more or the same anyhow, and Ebay has millions of customers walking past your doorstep anyhow. Compare it to having a shopfront in a Westfield shopping centre or a strip shop in the high street.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hi Maddison,

    It is always going to be easier to find a “natural” market if you find speciality or niche you can become expert in.

    For example, “Fitness for pregnant women in their 30’s”, is easier to target than just “Fitness”.


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    Hello all.
    Thank you for your replies and information [USER=34537]@LucasArthur[/USER], and [USER=53375]@bb1[/USER].
    Thank you [USER=78928]@Paul – FS Concierge[/USER] for your advice about honing your niche and making sure you know the market that you are selling to. I received some advice on ProBlogger.com about creating an avatar that would describe your ultimate client and then creating content/product/ services based on who they would be and what they would want/need; this reminded me of your helpful reply. Thank you.
    Thank you also [USER=28171]@Rowan@quaotic[/USER] for your story about how you moved to another platform online. I found it very interesting that you now do both selling at markets and online, I really enjoyed hearing about your journey.

    Thank you all.
    Kind regards,

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