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    Trent Tran
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    Hi all,
    The translator app is getting better and somewhat could translate content in an understandable way although it is not perfect

    What is the best way to do a multi lingo site. For example, if you want to target Chinese, Mandarin should be written. Questions:

    1. Get translator app is perfect as it will create a duplicate content but in Madarin. The beauty is you only to do it one as machine takes care the rest. The issue is: will Baidu user find it? I saw a lot bi-lingo website like English/ Spanish or English/ Italian set up. I am unsure if it is SEO friendly.
    2. A more effective way but much more expensive. Buy a new domain with xxxxx.cn, set up the new site with Mandarin Copy Writer/Translator, set up a new payment gateway

    Do you have a more effective solution than the above? Thank you

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    Number 2 sounds better – I would ensure you get a Mandarin speaker to go through the site though.

    John Debrincat
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    Hello [USER=66994]@Grandawood[/USER] translation apps are great if you are targeting a single country primarily but there may be visitors with different languages.

    However if you are targeting multiple countries then you really need to setup a page for each language and make sure that the correct hreflang flags are used. There is some good guidance on Google Webmaster support about international websites and hreflang usage.

    Baidu is a search engine similar to Google but for Chinese. Like Google it has a range of webmaster tools available to registered users but these are only in Chinese. If you are targeting China you need to submit your website to Baidu and use their webmaster advice and tools. Do a quick Google search and you will find lots of information in English but be careful with some of the sites.

    If you are accessing Baidu I suggest that you download Google Translate for Chrome plug-in first.


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    Hi Grandawood,
    You may want to do a bunch more research on this issue and I recommend you find someone who knows Baidu and the other main Chinese SEs inside-out.

    Google is a total non-starter SE in China (1.62%) usage share.


    Feb 2016: Google? What’s That? Chinese Search Engines Explained
    “If you’re interested in SEO for the Chinese population, you need to be looking at Baidu.”

    Baidu = 63.09% usage market share
    360 Search = 22.49%
    Sogou = 11.35%
    Google = 1.62%

    There are several issues to consider:

    • How does your target market search? (Eg. Typed queries or voice activated queries?)
    • What are the Chinese dialect capabilities of typed/oral search queries of the various Chinese SEs?
    • How do the main Chinese SEs rank search queries?

    I’m not an expert on the various Chinese written and oral languages and Baidu is outside my knowledge base.

    From what I read, voice activated search on smartphones is much more common in many Chinese speaking countries. This seems to be driven by an historic lack of landline infrastructure to start with AND the complexity of executing text based searches in the written languages.

    Have a look at this article on the problem…

    May 2016: Is your brand really speaking the same language as voice searchers around the globe?
    “At least 11 different regional languages are spoken all over mainland China, with lots of variations. Unlike written search, where people understand the expectation of entering a universal type of query and can adapt their written style, spoken queries will remain distinct region by region…”

    I understand that different Chinese dialects are prevalent in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. So, where and what Chinese dialects are you targeting?

    I can find articles like this about Baidu’s voice recognition capabilities:

    If Chinese folk with their many multilingual dialects are key to your success, it seems to me you need to find someone to help you in much more detail than simplistic “translator apps” offer.

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