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    Vivian Nguyen
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    Hello All,

    I’m new to this website.
    I’m about to lauch my online business.
    Do i need SEO to start with? The cost is a bit high for my budget.
    Also, please advise the best way to get customer to my website.

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    Can you afford not to? Can you do it yourself? Are you relying on Bing and Google, etc to send traffic or is it coming from social media? What are you selling and to whom?

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    Hi Vivian, and welcome,

    Can you please tell us more about your business, where you’re based and what your current plans are of marketing the new site?

    It will be difficult for anyone to give you good advice without knowing those things.

    All the best,

    Vivian Nguyen
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    Hi Jayne,

    I’m selling jewellery online. I’m base in Melbourne. The website had SEO component but I want to use a marketing site to audit SEO. However the cost to have it done is a bit over my budget to get the website going live before Xmas.
    I was going to use social media to drive traffic to my site.
    I would love to find a low cost SEO package or other marketing tools to drive customer to the site.

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    Welcome! Just noticed you’re new here.
    Regarding social media, I can provide some insight there. You’d need to build a big network on one or two platforms. Instagram has high engagement. Pinterest has a high female demographic if that’s good. Facebook for building relationships (have a Profile and well as a Page because Pages can’t comment in groups).

    You’d need to be in it for the long haul on social but might start getting bits of interest early on, depending on how unique, exciting, etc the products are.
    With both SEO and Social I’d recommend using the 80/20. Ask SEO people what is the 20% of spend that would bring 80% of change and focus on that high gearing. You can tinker with SEO for minor adjustments until the cows come home but startups and soloists typically need big impact and resulting cash flow and to worry about tweaking later.

    I’d recommend posting a question along these lines, with as many specifics as you can, in the ‘Search Engines, etc’ category. Lots of SEO folk there. They’re a helpful, if rowdy bunch, though. :)

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    Hello Vivian,

    Reading between the lines of your post it sounds like you have a budget in mind that you want to use to bring more people to your website and convert into sales.

    I recommend you split the budget up into a few channels of advertising.
    Everyone will have an opinion on what may work better.
    Truth be told you never know what will work until you try, this is why I recommend you split it up. Don’t put all you eggs in one basket.

    After doing that ensure you capture all the metrics of where people are coming from and converting. Then adjust your budget to focus on the area working best for you.

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    What I know for sure is that to get people to your online store you need to more work that you ever imagined.
    You need to create good and unique content and you need to ensure that you pick the social media where your ideal clients are located.
    SEO is just one aspect of marketing, you need to do many areas well, rather than one or the other.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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