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    [edit] Oops, just realised I wrote “categories” rather than page names, so please ignore the title, and take note of my actual post only ;) [/edit]

    Hello good folks!

    A question, on something I’ve been wondering (and will use a current example to frame it):

    A business has a number of locations, on their website each location has its own page.

    eg: http://www.website.com/suburb-name/

    Their website also has a blog, pretty standard setup, with a number of different categories & tags used. One additional feature is that each blog post can be attached to a location, so there is a link on that blog post page to the location page, and a link from the location page to that blog post.

    They have been advised by someone that they should begin adding their location names as tags for their blog posts, so all of a sudden this URL will exist on the site:

    Now for me, this seems both superfluous since the blog post page already has a link to the location page, and also potentially confusing to google (and to a user) about what page is the correct “location” page on that website.

    Any opinions on this at all?


    Byron Trzeciak
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    I wouldn’t add it with tags.

    Normally I’d add it something like

    Most businesses are trying to rank their home page for the core city terms too. That’s OK if you don’t ever plan on expanding to another state but if you do having the core capital city pages is a more ideal approach.

    That way as an example Plumber Melbourne goes to /melbourne/ rather than then home page. This needs a bit of foresight and is hard to charge if the home page is already ranking for these terms.

    I’ve definitely seen cases where a client has ranked the home page for their capital city and therefore they can’t add in the primary location to the URL for that page and it can hinder results in comparison to competitors.

    There’s also cases where a suburb name could be in two states so having the is a good combination.

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    I personally would not add the same location as a tag and a location page as it could appear to Google as duplicate content.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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