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    The older I get the more passionate I get about Service. I’m writing this from my phone because my internet by Optus has been down for 10 days and it won’t even be looked at for another week. Not very good service when your trying to run a small business. There call centres are well trained in fobbing you off but is this the way you would run your business Thanks to Optus there has been some pressure felt at this end But there is enough pressure already running a small business without internet

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    Hey Burgo,
    If it helps, I used the Optus Daily Plus $2/day prepaid offer when my Telstra connection was down for 3 months. $2 per day gets you 500Mb.

    I found it the most economical of the temporary wireless offers.

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    [USER=58]@Burgo[/USER] have you tried contacting the telecommunications industry ombudsman, it does work, the Telco’s start paying extra $’s if they get involved,

    Once I had a situation where they were quoting ridiculous timeframes, and I just mentioned the ombudsman, and the guy magically appeared at my front door. Ok a bit OTT, but I didn’t even need to ring, as the telcos, start paying penalties from when the ombudsman send of the query, so if you mention it, they get a bit worried..

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    Choose an ISP with a 4G fall over built into your modem, and tether to your mobile as a final fall over if all else fails.
    Random down time seems always inevitable, but now it is much easier to cover all bases so you are not offline completely.

    There are equally plenty of stories of similar technical issues with people running the new NBN connections. It’s far from a faultless and fully redundant internet solution.

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    Thanks for that information at present I’m using a mobile wifi at $10 a month so at least I can access my Bank accounts. Email I can get from my iPhone and post here so I no longer feel isolated. I do feel for the elderly

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    You would think that there would be more pressure by some board on companies that are unable to provide a certain level of service to its customers. Optus should be fined if they aren’t able to rectify issues like this for their customers in a timely manner. I’m sorry that you have to suffer with such bad internet service in the meantime! It’s a good lesson for the rest of us running our companies that we need to ensure we maintain a certain quality in the work we do every day!

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    Yes Service is the Key to your success. Everyday service is what weve come to expect but the service that has a wow factor in it has everyone of your customers talking and isn’t that what you want.
    Last week we had two trees remove from our property Banksia Arborcare did such an amazing job and last Thursday my daughter moved house and again Zee.D removals were prompt efficient and careful. Both these small business provided a service that was not ordinary but fantastic.
    I think word has got out that Burgo is watching. Im looking at how small business treat old blokes like me with the service they provide. Do they treat the elderly as special people or a painful experience.
    Our population is definitely aging and the Baby Boomers are the elderly that have high disposable income. They pay promptly and often cash so are you able to provide your service to these Krankyoldfarts .

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    Oh I forgot to tell you that Optus after three weeks without internet phoned to say they thought it may be the Modum. Yes it took their highly trained Technicians three weeks to work out that it might be the Modum.
    Honsetly why would anyone bother dealing with them.

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