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    Hi folks.

    My biz is Virtual Assistant & Bookkeeping Solutions. We provide online professional support to business owners to reduce their workload and stress so they can focus on growing their business e.g. admin, bookkeeping, social meda, websites, email & calendar management, business management etc.

    I’ve always had a free eBook (written by an expert) on my website as an incentive to sign up to my mailing list. I’ve just started writing some eBooks to work on my “Expert Positioning” / “Key Person of Influence” status and I’ve set them up in an eBook Library on my website – access to all books by signing up. There’s only 3 books there atm but about 4 more in the pipeline. Wondering about the appeal of a free biz library. This is the link to see what is currently available – http://vaabs.com.au/resources.php. The books following will be about how to work with a VA, benefits of a VA, more in depth on Social Media, time management etc. Would you sign up? (Not actually asking you to unless you want to – just want to gauge interest)

    Also interested in opinions on whether the actual books are of value. They are over the file size limit to attach here but, if you are interested to review, I’d be happy to email them to you – no need to sign up to mailing list if you don’t want to – I just appreciate any feedback.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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