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    Hello. After small business owners with personal experience and recommendations. I am NOT tech savy at all and am trying to decide between wix and shopify.
    So far i think wix can be made look more professional but have heard that shopify is better as a store as they provide more options for product description.
    I will be using it as an online store, with most customers coming from facebook and instagram.

    Also domain name question. I will be selling in Australia, would i be more easily found on google if i have .au ?


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    I have used both. In my opinion Shopify wins hands down. It has a better range of apps, easy to use as it is and very easy to customise, and by the time you add a store and apps to Wix for selling the price isn’t much different.

    If you are selling in Australia then a .com.au URL is more trustworthy for most customers.

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    I’d say Shopify is better if you’re comparing Shopify and Wix.

    The domain doesn’t necessarily translate to being found more easily on Google but it is advantageous if your main audience is in Australia as it automatically demonstrates that your business is Australian.

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    Shopify is definitely a more robust and user friendly shopping cart. It has much better SEO structure and is very cleanly laid out. Only drawback is that it is harder to customize. Personally I prefer Opencart as it is very easy to modify however it requires you to have your own server etc.

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    Thanks everyone! I ended up going with shopify :)

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    lilmis, post: 270774, member: 64167 wrote:
    Thanks everyone! I ended up going with shopify :)
    It would be amazing if you came back to the thread and wrote about your experience in one month, three months, one year etc!!!

    Now go kill it!


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    Get both .com and .com.au sites
    And get one to redirect to the other. If you grow internationally, you have the .com available.

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    Heard many advantages of shopify and see it almost in every business forum, so i guess it speaks for itself.
    How is your experience with shopify?

    Bayleaves Florist
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    Thanks for sharing. very useful

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