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    I’m looking for recommendations for a shopping cart and gateway provider for my website. I want something that integrates into an already existing website (not something like ezimerchant).

    With something like eWay + gateway it’s approximately $60/mth plus an SSL – a lot of money for a startup business.

    Any suggestions? Paypal is not an option as the business is operated by a trust.


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    When you’re starting out online, you have two basic choices for your online shop:
    – an “own outright” site, which you get built (or build yourself) and then you pay for the storage space for the site on an ongoing basis to the provider where it sits. How much you pay for this (after the up front cost) depends on the amount of space and traffic you expect to get. You’re looking at $5-$50 per month depending on the provider and what you get for your money.
    – a “hosted” shopping cart, which has all of the functionality and security set up for you, and you basically just rent it from month to month. You’re still looking at $20-$120 per month depending on the number of products you have in your store, and your disk space/traffic allowance. There are a number of shopping cart software providers in the Australian and US markets worth considering. Check what you get for your money and who is paying for the design – do you have to do it yourself, or does the provider do it for you?

    Your basic costs for your website you will need to take into account are the up-front setup cost, the up-front design cost, the cost of your domain name, plus the costs of getting your payment method sorted. You’ll need to leave a bit of money for marketing as well, as free marketing methods will only get you so far.

    When it comes to choosing a payment method, eWAY are a good choice and very reliable. The bonus of using a payment gateway instead of Paypal are that the money goes directly into your bank account.

    Happy to answer any other questions you have about setting up.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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