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    Peter Hebberman Adelaide – Hoping this will help Australian small businesses save on advertising

    After running a caravan business out of the small township Aldinga Beach in South Australia for 5 years in a back street of an industrial area. I have had to find ways of drawing customers to my sales yard. So as most people or businesses do, I paid for advertising ? After thousands of dollars & headaches I stopped paying for my advertising all together ,Saving thousands of dollars for my businesses annually.
    I then set about creating my own online classified advertising website called ( http://www.postmyads.com.au ) , The website cost around $3,000 to set up. My company Absolutely Mate Pty Ltd sells a variety of products ranging from jewellery / clothing / caravans / trailers / boats / some classic cars / some classic motorcycles ect ect, So I added all of these categories & many more to the new website & started listing all my items for sale in their own categories.
    After spending thousands of dollars on Google ad words I learnt a lot about key words, So each item listed had its own key words listed into to the ” Tags / key word ” box – For example I posted an ad for a Jayco Shower Caravan – The key words I used were ( Shower caravans for sale Adelaide region – shower caravans for sale south Australia region ect ect ) , Key words / phrases are what your potential customers put into the google search engine to find what they are looking for & what you are selling. If you use the appropriate key words / phrases in your description – Key Word box supplied on website you are guaranteed to come up in google search results, Its that simple & its free
    You are more then welcome to come on over to http://www.postmyads.com.au and try it for yourselves – See if you can get further up the Google search results on Post My Ads
    Peter Hebberman

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    Hi Peter,

    Welcome to Flying Solo and thanks for introducing yourself to us.

    Your introductory post has been edited slightly to bring it in line with our forum guidelines and make it less of an advertisement. As a new member of the forum, it would be great if you could please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with them here.

    You may also like to set up a forum signature – just click on Control panel (in the grey bar above the forum) and then choose Edit signature.

    Nice to meet you,

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