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    2way Technology
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    I’m a bit of the opposite.

    To me, you always get what you pay for.

    Much like an Accountant – sure you can get your Tax Return done by H&R Block or ITP – but you won’t get the range of value-added services if you go to a CA or CPA.

    I’ve always found when clients want to switch to Open Source alternatives, they run into compatibility issues. The minute you land an opportunity with a semi decent sized company – chances are they’ll be using the Licensed version and you’ll just look like a fool if you can’t do something as simple as communicate properly and your document formatting comes out all screwed.

    I think people are right – most people don’t use the full functionality of most software. That’s a real shame because if people spent the time finding out about half of this functionality, their business would probably run a lot more efficient.

    Classic example, I came accross a business that had about 400 customers/members, they were managing the customers with an Excel Spreadsheet. Unfortunately they were actually mis-managing this, they were loosing customer information left-right-centre.

    After converting the Excel Spreadsheet to an semi-decent Database, they have improved the way they manage their information ten fold. Something as simple as printing labels when sending out a newsletter – what used to take hours, now with the database takes 10 minutes.

    The other issue with Open Source is support. Who can you call if you’ve got an issue with Open Source platforms such as Open Office?

    As for the cost of Licensed software, sure there are costs, but you should always look at the available options when aquiring software. For example, any business with more than 5 PCs should be on a License Agreement – not buying Retail or Shrink Wrapped. There are a number of benifits with a License Agreement including savings against Retail and Shrink Wrapped, but also you can transfer the licenses, there is even ‘Home Use’ license opportunities and ‘Portable Computer’ rights – a range of things most people don’t look at because they go down to Harvey Norman or Dicksmith, buy the cheap Acer computer that they’ll no doubt throw away in 12 months time and not stop and look at what other alternatives exist…

    Heidi Price
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    We love open source!

    And if we cant find exactly what we need through OS, we then look to free trials to evaluate the paid options.

    Although, we are having to do this less and less.

    Big cheers for all the OS developers out there – you are doing a fantastic job

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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