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    Hi everyone,

    KAD is starting to get consistent sales (hooray!) and I am discovering how time consuming and clunky my system is. However I’m not sure the search term I would use on Google…

    I need some software which can:

    – Format addresses ready to print for each order

    – Keep track of subscriptions; customers can order a box for every school holiday over the year, I need to know which boxes they already have had delivered and how many are left to go

    – Send out emails letting them know I have received their order & when it is posted

    – Have a section in the shopping cart where customers can input their children’s names so the boxes can be addressed to them.

    Right now I am emailing each customer asking for children’s names, telling them their item is shipped.

    Then I copy and paste the addresses into a label file to print

    I have a calender that I manually put in subscriptions

    I know there will be an easier way, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you :)


    Steffen Daleng
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    Hi Sarah,

    Your E-commerce system should be able to handle all this for you.
    Not a 3rd party software.

    You are using wordpress as your platform, and this can be customized to meet your requirements.

    What you need to do, is to talk to your developer, and ask for these modifications, everything but the Subscription, are very simple modifications that you can make directly in the wordpress e-commerce plugin. It would take
    4-6 hours max.

    Regarding the subscriptions, you should buy the license for this module:

    And have your developer modify it to your needs.
    It will allow, for recurrent payments, and shipments, and can be modified to give you the control that you need without making a unique system for it.

    These elements, should automate everything for you and give you a more streamlined business, so you can spend your valuable time on something else than boring administrational work :)

    Good luck.

    Jenny Spring
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    Hi Sarah

    Congrats on getting some traction with your business. I like the idea, and with time you’ll probably be changing some of the wording on your home page to resonate with the parents in a more powerful way.

    You have been given some good feedback, and I’d definitely explore that avenue.

    Not to hijack this post, but I did notice that you don’t have any method of collecting email addresses. This assumes two things:
    1. people are ready to buy when they come to your website
    2. people are good at bookmarking

    Both are false assumptions.

    You have a good concept. HOwever, I’d recommend you add a Hello Bar or move a good email magnet to the top of your Home Page to build your important email list of parents who will love what you have.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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