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    Hi everyone I would like to share some strategies that seems to work that I have picked up from facebook pages on how to get more likes, sales and promote your website on facebook. I am not an expert on this field but I thought people may find it interesting. I didnt copy this from anywhere I am just going through facebook pages and looking at what people is doing. So here they are,

    1. Of course the first one is the traditional giveaways, they seem to always be a good way to get likes if you promote them properly and offer a good reward. Just offer a free product and ask people to like your facebook page.

    2. Sales. Offering 1 day sales seems to attract the attention of people and can generate a few sales during that day.

    3. Using the principle of scarcity, posting that you have a limited amount of some product or that is running out very quick seems to make people get attracted to buy it fast.

    4. Offer payment without people having to visit your website. Paste a photo of the product on facebook wall and offer people the chance to order through inbox, and then you can send them a paypal receipt through their email, that way people dont waste time visiting the website.

    5. Multiple giveaway. Post photos of products you would like to giveaway (not just one) then ask people to comment on the photo of the product they would like to win, they are also obligated to like your page. same principle as a simple giveaway.

    6. Do a monthly competition, ask people to send you a photo of themselves using one of your products or showing the name of your store. Then create an album with the photos. The winner of the competition will be the person who get more likes in their photo. This tactic seems to attract many likes to your facebook page too. Offer a good reward to attract more people. I have seen people offering rewards worth 100 aud. You can ask that all the likers of the photos have to like your facebook page or not, is up to you.

    7. Create an auction. Post a photo of your product and open an auction until certain time, let people offer how much they would pay for your product. Contact winners through inbox.

    8. Find other stores and promote their giveaways on your page then ask the same from them.

    9. Encourage people to ask questions about your products and be able to answer any question they have. If you have no answer, ask your fans to provide one!

    10. Ask people to comment on a random post until you say stop!, the last comment before stop will win some price. This can attract thousands of comments in a post. Just be careful some people may think you are choosing someone on purpose.

    11. Tell your fans youll be at a certain place at certain time showing your business name, offer that the first 3 to find you and are carrying a sign with the name of your business get a reward.

    12. Ask people to guess something about a photo, offer a reward for it. for example, paste a photo of a candy jar and ask how many candies are in there, the person who get it right wins. Tell people they can only try guessing once.

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    Great ideas.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    Great ideas!

    Just a note on promotions – Facebook actually has a few rules for promotions and Australia has some laws which regulates this, just be careful and do your research before you start a competition or promotion with giveaways.

    A great article to read is this:



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