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    So i started a small business from scratch taking my part time hobby into a small business ive made several purchases and dare i say i have made sales already

    i have my ABN but i dont know how to use any of these online bookkeeping programs

    i have watched online (youtube) tutorials but often they are for a different programs or not showing exactly what i need to know ie: making out a invoice when ive already made the sale…

    my main problems are putting on computer my previous purchases and previous sales to date

    i have both the free trial of MYOB and Quickbook MYOB seems a little easier for me to understand

    can someone please help?

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    Unless you’ve got experience in bookkeeping then both of those are going to be confusing… MYOB especially!

    I could never get my head around MYOB but I learned Wave (waveapps) really quickly and it will connect to your bank to pull in your in/outgoings.

    Sounds like you really need to sit down with someone who can take you through the various things you need to do to run your own business!

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    Ok i signed up for multi-pal bookkeeping programs i just couldn’t find one icould get the hang of or actually understand

    if i was to use actual books will i be able to run the business on the following books?

    money in
    money out
    receipts for purchases
    receipts for sales

    am i missing anything? i like to keep things as simple as possible, my business is not very complicated

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    Yes, definitely use actual books!!

    You don’t need bells and whistles with an accounting software just yet, all you need is to keep track of those items you’ve mentioned.

    If you wanted, a simple excel spreadsheet would do the trick as well…and save you having to add up columns and possibly make errors.

    Wendy :)

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    I was using MYOB for my main business, and when I started a secondary business I was using excel (but could have used a book) for tracking everything. Now that it is taking off I have just set up a second instance of MYOB to keep it under control.

    The spreadsheet worked well for a start, and created no hassles.

    PS. MYOB is actually simple to use for what you are after

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    Thanks for the replies and advice late last night i was playing with MYOB and actually worked out how to use it

    the probably i had was trying to create a past date purchase invoice all i had to do was create the invoice than mark it as paid so i worked this out than i worked out how to set up a ebay listing bill that i need to pay shortly

    i was just confused with all the options of a drop down list when setting up the payment type but i just chose “Sales 1 Expenses” i couldn’t find a suitable option other than the one just mentioned for my purchases ideally something along the lines of “Inventory” would have been a good option from the list but wasn’t availiable

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    I have one more question, i am now in the outboard motor (boat motor) repair and dismantle business i purchased a motor around 1.5 years ago as at the time this was my hobby and now im in business how do i make a invoice for something i purchased so long ago?

    i would like to sell this motor under the business but my receipt shows May 2014 as a purchase date

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