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    Hi guys,

    My mother recently tired to get back into the workforce and had a bit of trouble finding employment for her skill level. She is a trained tailor, and has run her own businesses – but she never found quite the right place.

    Left to her own means, she began tinkering about the place – but mainly sitting on the couch with her laptop. We all thought she was looking at cat pictures (as she loves to do). A while passed, and she started telling us about her brilliant idea to start making burlap banners. She had been researching things she could make on the web!

    The reason why I think the idea is brilliant is because it demonstrates what we can actually do – despite whether or not we are in ‘hot demand’ for employment.

    She has sold a few banners now. She set up an etsy shop and a website (http://www.lenalind.com).
    We’re not thinking she’ll be a millionaire just yet ;) but the point is that she can rely upon her own skills to make a side income.

    Now we are looking forward to advertising on gumtree that she can make custom banners for people, and other related crafts. This really is a small business, and when we reflect we might realise that this is how many skilled people have been making a living for centuries.

    Now, I hope that others have similar stories can encourage each other – and that people who haven’t been able to find jobs could perhaps consider using their own skills to give themselves a side income.

    Don’t assume you don’t have skills to offer.

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    Hi there 5holiday,

    That’s a great story – thank you for sharing it.

    I hope your mum is having lots of fun with her new business and that it turns out to be a great success for her.

    Best wishes,

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