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    Lisa Crocker
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    Question time! Can you help one of our Flying Solo members?

    She writes: “After we have been through the wringer with a franchise gone sour my partner is (in my opinion) scraping the barrel trying to start a business online selling ethical products. He has never sold anything online nor has he ever expressed an interest in ethical products.

    He’s looking at companies like Click Start Digital and I’m not convinced they really work.

    I’m very keen to support him emotionally but am loathe to do so financially again (while we’re waiting to claw my money back from franchise).

    He’s also sold on working for himself and not anyone else ever again – not sure how I feel about propping him up financially in life.”

    Do you have any words of wisdom to share?

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    Hi Lisa (and Anon)

    Whilst i do not have a direct answer, i must say that having no experience in online selling and having no previous experience in ethical products, i would stay away from any company claiming they can turn you into a success by paying them for tutorials or workshops or contacts.

    This does not mean one can not be successful with no experience, although those that would be successful would possibly carry the tenacity to learn these steps without needing a coach as mentioned above nor an educational on product resourcing etc etc.

    What is important when selling online, IMO, is:
    – having a passion for the product/industry
    – understanding website or having the ability to learn (otherwise you will always be paying money out)
    – a drive to do this on your own
    – preferably having some online selling exp (customers are harder on sellers over a keyboard than in person)
    – having capital to begin with and stand on ones own (work if need be to get this going)

    Lisa, overall i read this as a bit of click baiting with regards to the question and raising businesses like Click Start Digital – considering their packages cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to try and help someone be successful. IMO, that money is better off spent on stock and sourcing.. but hey, not sure i am a real source of knowledge here.

    If this lurker is posing genuinely this question, another short bit of advice i would have is to:
    – have hubby work and save his own money to blow on any online experiment he is wanting to undertake – everything takes time and money
    – have hubby list unwanted goods on ebay and start learning the basics of online interactions and fielding customer queries (also getting used to things like paypal and so forth)

    When he builds up confidence here, have him search out some products he may want to sell himself and bring them in from overseas or local suppliers and start trying to sell these on ebay (or even set up a shopify site) – reason i keep saying ebay is that your own site will not generate the traffic needed without throwing big money at it or having a specific and ready to go market to buy your stuff – but i feel this will be a bit of experimenting..

    Also, DONT try and compete with chinese sellers who are also potentially your suppliers online – they can currently deliver items cheaper than you can sell and post for (considerably less at the lower end item stuff).. Look for a niche, join some online groups like FS or even more specific ones in FaceBook like ebay seller groups or even reseller groups –

    There are lots of steps to take in order to reach the top, but if you are not fit enough to climb Everest, it doesnt matter how much you pay for your guide – he cant lift you to the top…

    Wishing you all the best though :)

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    Personally I would be extremely cautious of any of these type of prepackaged ready to go business’s, if they are any could why aren’t they running it themselves.

    Like Jason I find this question a little dodgy, in particular in line with the discussion last week.

    But more importantly it sounds like this poor guy has already got his partner not supporting him, yet she happily failed at a franchise, 2 suggestions, find a new partner who is willing to support your endeavours, but more importantly look at something with some more substance.

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    Hi Lisa

    I’m a newby here, but starting any online business from a ‘cold’ start is a tough gig. Social and network marketing now have become so entrenched as fundamental tools in trying to get some sort of presence or cut through and these things take time. The ethical product market is in my opinion on the rise, but you need some serious point of differentiation to get some good numbers, and unless you are prepared to spend some serious time and money in creating that differentiation and raising that profile above the others out there, then as a new business you are potentially just going to be another ‘me too’

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    LucasArthur, post: 268665, member: 34537 wrote:
    Lisa, overall i read this as a bit of click baiting with regards to the question and raising businesses like Click Start Digital –

    I think you are right Jason, question was posed a week ago, no further comment from anon or Lisa, isn’t this one of the comments made in the post a few weeks back about some of what appear to be fake questions popping up on here. Maybe anon would like to expand.

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