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    Hi everyone

    Just doing as I am told :) and checking in to introduce myself.

    Sterling Edge is a dad and daughter team in Victoria offering boutique training. Amongst other things we have created The Entrepreneur – a blended learning (online and face to face) course to help people establish and grow their own business. Designed in a way that makes eligible people benefit from 90% government funding (VIC only at this point in time).

    /end of shameless plug!

    I am hoping to learn heaps from the discussion and material available on the site and equally trust that I might occasionally throw in my two bobs worth (I realise that has just declared both my age and heritage to some of you).

    Not forgetting the wonderful opportunities to network and get to know people. [In that regard I am sneaking to Sydney for a few days in January 21-23 if anyone would love a coffee or brunch or catch up]

    So yeah I am the dad – my wife calls me Nigel.

    See you ‘on the board’

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    Hi Nigel,

    Welcome aboard. A father/daughter business combo is pretty unique around here, I think – good on you guys for doing something different!

    I hope it all goes brilliantly for you both.

    Looking forward to hearing your two bobs’ worth!


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    Welcome Nigel.
    Its nice to see another younger person on Flying Solo and I like the concept of your business. Helping people grow their business takes a bit of talent and experience, and just reading your initial post I reckon you may have both.

    Good luck in 2014 and may your business grow

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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