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    I currently have an online women’s clothing boutique and I am looking for advice regarding stock. Yesterday I spoke to a business woman/entrepreneur (quite a successful one at that!) and she advised that I should not carry stock and should operate through dropshipping.

    I’ve previously looked into dropshipping and have been searching again ever since our meeting, however I just can’t seem to find any! I know there are some companies out there who do it, but the only ones I can find don’t look too legitimate/reliable and don’t stock the good quality clothes I’d like to stock.

    I would love if someone could advise me on the best way to go with this – if I should keep looking for someone to dropship, or if I should simply suck it up and deal with some stock wastage.


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    The problem with dropshipping is if they stuff up and don’t have the item in stock/are slow in sending/send the wrong item/etc then you carry the can. I’m not saying it’s a bad business model just be careful choosing your suppliers.

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    Regarding drop shipping, not many businesses in this climate are willing to drop ship for others, the reason is a number of things;

    • Technically your a competitor to the person your drop shopping from.
    • I think it’s mediocre to drop ship, I mean your setting up a business to be different?
    • A smart business owner would know the costs are to great.
    • Your business will be restricted on how they run their own operation, you may want faster delivery times? Better service?

    The list goes on..

    I can’t count many businesses one hand that have been truly successful in drop shipping product, margins are tight and your relying on another business to perform, sounds like to much work in my opinion.

    Also the words ‘drop shipping’ itself always rings alarm bells with other businesses, its easier to use different approach, being honest that your cant afford all the product but you would purchase some stocks and if there is an over order, ask nicely if they can send direct. Makes them feel warm and fuzzy their making some money upfront, you will receive a better result than asking the DS words.


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    Ive looked into dropshipping quite a bit in the last few years, and what I have found is:
    Theres not too many dropshippers in Australia and Australian companies arent huge fans of, nor do they fully understand dropshipping- its much bigger in the US Also dropshipping is harder to do for us because of shipping time and cost… although in some cases I realize shipping time and cost can be on par with Australia.

    Even when dropshipping from overseas…. especially clothing, the selection is not that great alot of it is junk.

    As far as finding dropshippers…. I personally found that signing up for a directory is the best way to go and less of a waste of time then trying to find them yourself, even though it costs money.

    Dropshipping can be dangerous and you can ruin your reputation fast when stuff doesnt arrive on time to the customer or when they pay and you only find out after that the item is actually out of stock.

    This is just what I have found personally…… although Im sure there are some folks on here who have had alot of success with it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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