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    I am just wondering if others have found that advertising with “fix my home” has been successful and generated more work? I have no affilation with the fix my home website.

    It appears that tradies (like me) can advertise with fix my home on an annual basis, for a fee of course. Apparently if someone googles your trade in your area then only you and 1 other tradesman show up.

    I would like other peoples experiences, good or bad. I want to advertise on the internet and there seems to be so many options, makes my head spin. Any tips are appreciated as I don’t want to waste money.

    However I don’t know if it is OK for others to provide recommendations, as it may be against the rules of the site?

    Also I am new to the site, so I hope this actually makes sense.

    WorknHard :)

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    Hi worknhard, I encourage you to introduce yourself in the thread relating to introductions – gives people a chance to get to know you. Sometimes we get people here (and other forums) who just come to get some information and then disappear again – we’d like to get to know them all.

    I can’t say I know the site you mention http://www.fixmyhome.com.au/ as I’m neither a tradie, nor have I needed to look online for help because I generally ask my local contacts who they know (word-of-mouth-referral) or look it up in the local paper. Referrals are the best way to get work for most businesses.

    Looking at the site I can tell you they have a pretty good Alexa ranking. What that means is they rank a lot higher than many sites so they must have been on the web for awhile and worked at it, and get good traffic. But not knowing their stats of visitors versus jobs that are placed, it’s hard to say.

    You don’t say what their costs are and they don’t seem to advertise it on their site either. I would say if they charge monthly and you’re not set in a contract, give it a go for a few months and see what happens. Another one that might be worth trying is service seeking. I am registered with that. You don’t have to pay anything to register, only to bid for jobs and I’ve seen a lot of jobs come through for the sections I’m listed with. Their site is http://www.serviceseeking.com.au.

    Another thing you could try is look to see if there is a local BNI chapter near you. http://www.bni.com.au. That definitely works through word-of-mouth referrals. We had a builder join our chapter yesterday and he’s already picked up work from one of the members last night and came here today for a chat and is going to do some things for us too.

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    Glad you raised this issue.

    There are untold numbers of business directories being unleashed on the Internet at present.

    You should ask:
    How many people visit this trade site?
    How many people visit the page relevant to your trade in the areas you offer your services?
    How many people visit individual trade or business pages?

    If they do not provide this information, try a few searches on Google. Pick a few trades and combine them with a few suburbs.

    Plumber Paddington
    Plumber Bayswater
    Electrician Paddington
    Electrician Bayswater

    Does a page from the site rank in the top 10 search results for any of these?

    When I explore the site and find that individual business listings are images, not text I have to question what this does to the value of the business listing.


    Tony Pfitzner
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    worknhard, post: 121770 wrote:
    Any tips are appreciated as I don’t want to waste money.

    Lost sales leads are a waste of money! If you are in business you have money invested in tools a van etc and it’s all worthless if you don’t have customers. Also if you can get more sales leads then you can pick the eyes out of the jobs.

    Forget the directories at this stage- they contribute little and are relatively expensive:

    You will need:

    • Your own WordPress website
    • A geographically focussed Adwords campaign for your trade in your area
    • Some basic SEO, content about your services and a Google + listing.

    Do this and I guarantee it will work.

    For more info check out my Flying Solo post here.



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