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    Hi everyone,

    It’s so awesome that there is this kind of a community available! i have been really struggling with my discussions with Chinese agents from Alibaba over shipping/air freight costs.

    If there is a way to find this out on my own, I would love to be pointed in the right direction. My question is:

    What is the approx shipping price per kg from China (Shenzen, Guangdong port) to Melbourne Australia? I have been given so many different estimates that range from $25 – $50 per/kg via DHL express, FedEx and EMS (I have heard mixed reviews about EMS, but it is usually the cheapest quote).

    Also, the products I am currently looking to ship are some small battery operated electronic devices and some Silicone/TPE ‘adult’ products ranging from 1-5kg each – the max weight of any parcel will be 15kg or under (some as little as 1-2kg). Could anyone tell me if there is any kind of certificates needed or some kind of declaration needed on my end to clear customs? I am quite overwhelmed by how much information there is …. I have a market for my products and even customers ready to purchase from me, I just feel like a deer in headlights when it comes to all this logistics processes and information.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you so much in advance for any support or assistance you may be able to provide.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hi And Welcome to Flying Solo L.John.

    It is great to have you!

    Thank you for joining our community and posting.

    Hopefully some helpful members will be along soon with some advice to point you in the right direction.


    Dash Freight
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    Hi L. John
    Unfortunately it is not as simple as a price per kg.
    All carriers use chargeable weights, so you have to include the gross weight and the gross volume.
    Batteries are dangerous goods and each carrier will have different regulations about shipping batteries. DHL do not like them, but they will take them, with special account approval and regulations greater then IATA. Fedex will tke batteries if they complay with IATA regulations, but the shipper must package them appropriately. EMS is a postal service, so its unfair to compare them with the couriers. I am not sure they will accept batteries.
    To give you a price, I would need the gross weights and dimensions, the description of the goods and the unit values, plus the MSDS (Material safety data Sheet)

    Rob Dash E: rob@dashfreight.com.au M: 61 423 136 053 Quotes: https://tinyurl.com/yae7tbj6 S: live:rd2221
    Jason Ramage
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    Howdy OP

    Sounds like an interesting journey is afoot… Robs insight is awesome…

    The product you are looking at carries many variables (read that as restrictions) and potential complications in transport as Rob eludes to…

    IMO, most suppliers have great relationships overseas and if they are quoting they tend to lead with a reasonable price as long as you have not been to unrealistic on pricing of the actual product (meaning they are not trying to recoup costs through freight from how you handled the negotiations of product)…

    DHL/FEDEX are a courier service – read that as higher service generally and expedited.. Whilst EMS is a postal service with and EXPRESS sort of option, but goes through normal postage channels and not self serviced courier channels like Fedex and DHL – eg EMS will m,ost likely be delivered by domestic AustraliaPost or similar agency depending on country of course (such as USPS in the US)… and is generally considerably cheaper than courier options…

    To go like for like, grab the snippet ROb has asked for and reach out to him to see if it can be done within the price point you are looking at (here is his snippet:

    robdash, post: 270872, member: 117305 wrote:
    To give you a price, I would need the gross weights and dimensions, the description of the goods and the unit values, plus the MSDS (Material safety data Sheet)

    Happy hunting.. look forward to reading about your adventures.


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