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    I’m considering add a post-close survey to my support tickets.
    Leaivng aside the workflow elements, I’m thinking of setting parameters like “no more than 1 per named person per month” to prevent them getting spammed too much

    I’m then thinking of 4 simple questions:

    1. Did we respond in an appropriate amount of time (Yes/no, required)
    2. Are you happy with the outcome (Yes/no, required)
    3. How would you rate your satisfaction with our service overall (1 to 5,required)
    4. If you’re happy with our service, we would appreciate a referral to someone else who might benefit from our services? (comment field, optional)

    With 4, I will include something like “we’re also paying for referals” etc ?

    If you got the above survey, would you complete it.. ?

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    My concern with straight yes/no option, are you have no way of responding with a “maybe””,
    A bit like a restaurant I went to over the weekend, the service was great, the food was absolutely great. But half way through our meal a waitress on a break came and sat down 2 tables away and had a cigarette. So yes we were happy with the place, but we will never go back, so how do we answer the closed questions. Hope what I am saying is clear.

    I think you just need to make them open questions, so that people could respond with all the positives, but maybe give some constructive feedback as well.

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    I would normally complete it. When a company has the decency to ask for feedback, I normally have the decency to give it. I know it’s valuable to them, especially small businesses who get fewer responses.

    Personally, I prefer Likert scales rather than categorical, Andy; 1-5 stars, rather than Yes/No. It allows more room for manoeuvre as Bert said.
    Some thoughts and minor rewrites:
    1. How did we do in terms of a timely response?
    Also, add a qualitative data text boxes. You’ve probably experienced it yourself when to manage time, researchers ask categorical questions but you don’t feel you fit into either, or you have more to say. This could be really helpful feedback. For example, ‘Yes’ they ‘responded quickly’ but it took 4 attempts to resolve because someone wasn’t listening. I’d want that info. So text box on each. If that’s overwhelm or ugly, just have “Do you have any other feedback for us?” at the end.
    2. How happy are you with the outcome?
    3. How would you rate your satisfaction with our service overall – consider minor rewrite: “Overall, how satisfied are you with our service?”
    4. Cheeky! Personally, I probably wouldn’t do marketing alongside feedback. It could look like this was the motivation. You probably want to be ‘listening’ not ‘talking’ here. As well, in those rare cases where the customer is a bit unhappy, they won’t welcome that, so at least consider making it a conditional form, triggered only by great scores. Perhaps make poorer scores trigger something more appropriate, e.g., “We really value your custom and we’d love to chat with you about your experience and put this right. Could we do that?”

    I.T. Guaranteed
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    Hi Andy,

    If you only survey your clients after a support ticket, you might miss out on surveying the ones who don’t need your help, say your managed clients for example. You might be looking after them so well that they don’t need to contact you, but they are very happy with the service that you are providing.

    For this reason my firm conducts annual surveys, and from this I summarise
    the results and report this back to the their contract management team. That them forms the starting point of my annual review for them.

    For the survey itself I agree with the other contributors, 1 to 5, or not satisfied up to very satisfied.

    Make sure you have one free text box for any other comments.

    And an optional email address if you are happy to be contacted about your feedback (my surveys are anonymous)

    And if it detects very positive result with comments ask if it can be used as a testimonial.

    Good luck with it.

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    annoyingly, unless I go and use Surveymonkey or something, (Which I will look into) I don’t think I can make it conditional based on scores (unless I do a whole other workflow which says “Oh they scored 5 for everything! Let’s send them another one”, which would be super annoying)

    Jay, thanks for your feedback – you’ve actually fired up another line of workflow thought.. sending surveys to primary contacts who have been quiet recently.. “have we upset you?”

    I.T. Guaranteed
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    Survey monkey wants payment for clever things like conditional questions.
    Another idea, to avoid this is, if you see a perfect score and good comments AND they given their name, Mail them a little gift (ferrero rocher chocolates works pretty well) by way of thanks for taking the time to do the survey and ask if you can use their comments as a testimonial.

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    I.T. Guaranteed, post: 222324, member: 53322 wrote:
    Mail them a little gift (ferrero rocher chocolates works pretty well) by way of thanks for taking the time to do the survey and ask if you can use their comments as a testimonial.

    Just don’t do it on a 40 degree day

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