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    I recently purchased a small online supplier of mobility aids, breezemobility.com.au.

    It has the potential to be a great little business and we are seeing good growth, but I want to use the business as a platform to drive positive impact beyond just the products we sell. The business is very small at the moment but I have big plans to grow it, and therefore to be able to provide a bigger impact, and support organisations that support people with a disability or those who are experiencing a disadvantage in some way.

    I believe business has the power to drive positive change, and I’ve read and listened to lots on the subject but I really want to test and see how that works in the trenches. I’m right at the start of this journey but excited to see what happens!

    If anyone has experience working for or running an impact-driven business or social enterprise I’d love to hear from you, or any insights in general gratefully received!

    Dave – FS Concierge
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    Welcome to the forums [USER=118334]@Tom-W[/USER]!

    Sounds great! What would you say that being impact-driven looks like (beyond growing the business)? And how would you measure it?

    Being in a business that helps disabled people is a great start, of course :)
    Great to have you here. :)

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    Thanks [USER=49676]@Dave – FS Concierge[/USER], how the business does impact & measures impact is what I am working on at the moment. Currently I make ad-hoc donations to charities and NFPs who are doing work either supporting people with disabilities or disadvantage in some form, but I’d like to look at closer partnerships with organisations where a % of profits or even a buy-one-give-one type model with some products. We also help with equipment to organisations who need things but again its quite ad-hoc and not strategic at the moment.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Increasing a person’s ability to navigate their environment or provide access to life in ways they could not before you came along is a very special activity.

    Switching out dependence for independence is the same.

    Improvements most often come through education or access (especially, geographical or financial).

    So anything you can do to listen to end users or groups that assist people that might become your end users. And then respond to what you have heard. And then promote the joy of users will be more than useful.

    I have seen this.

    My friend with Muscular Distrophy wanted a travel agent so he could holiday as everyone else could.
    My Mother was liberated by an electric scooter that she used to go to the shops independently.
    I had something to do with a program that built yachts to disabled kids.
    A friend ran a program that built and donated wheelchairs out of donated bike parts for people that could not afford a wheelchair.

    The willingness, commitment and ability to do these things is wondrous.

    Good luck Tom.

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