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    Hi! I am starting my own label.and been trying to.find an agent to represent my label and since i just starting out..agents trying to demand alot on us- we have to have great model.great website.great shoe and great stylist and great database…well we definately want to have it all and we are working on it since we invested lots of money on the goods.
    Our label have a great opportunity and growth and would like to.look for an agent to grow with us.
    If you know any reliable agency in sydney please let us know. We are looking forward to work with New Zealand too.

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    Happy to help where I can.
    Finding an agent while you are in the start up phase can be a challenge. Why…because most agents work on commission and of course they need to make the best possible sales so that they can procure an income. So often they take on brands or labels that are already established or at least already have a presence in the market.
    In saying that, its all about finding the right agent to support where you are at currently. If you can present the vision of your brand, sales and future well to a potential agent this will help, as they can then gain a clear insight into the benefits of them investing the hard yards during the start up and initial growth phase.

    I tried to click on your website but its coming up not found?? Is the address correct.
    Once I gain a better understanding of your brand, product and target market I may be able to either help recommend an agent or at least give you some advice about how to find the right one.

    Warm Regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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