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    Hello guys,
    I just thought I’d share one of my first marketing/sales techniques which i think is great due to the passive supply, yet high reward from it.

    With all of my interactions in a business sense, I will be offering a free surviving crime coaching service. You may ask what that really means?

    For myself, it means I offer to help businesses, their staff, their owners and their managers get things back on track after a severe crime. I’d like to imagine if you will a publican that has been robbed. Post robbery staff will be stressed at all levels.

    • Owners/Managers
      Owners and Managers of businesses that have been robbed report a high rate of psychological distress after an incident with some having issues returning to the site. The stress is known to carry on to problems sleeping and relationship stress. Not something a owner or manager needs. I offer my assistance to them by alleviating some of the stress of keeping the business running. I help source businesses to replace windows and offer my advice on how to counsel staff.

      I go further to aid the business in repairing its image thus returning it to its previous, if not a better position.

    • Staff
      Staff who work in a enterprise that has been robbed are known to have a lower level of productivity, a high level of insecurity and an unsatisfactory feeling of their work. Robberies are known to lead to large scale staff walk outs which leaves the owner/manager with the stress of trying to train most of its business again.
      I aid the business by offering a debrief to the staff to assure them that, their work place is a safe place.

    How do I get this service out there?
    Through liaising with everyone and anyone I can. In the coming weeks I intend to meet with council officials, the mayor, centre managers for all kinds of shopping centres and plazas, glaziers and lock smiths. To get my free service known in the community.

    What is the point of this service to my business though?
    Firstly, it is a low cost, high reward marketing technique. It costs me nothing but a sentence, until there is someone who wants to take up my offer. Meaning that if noone ever decides to use this service, it still hasn’t cost me a thing. In fact, it still benefits me as those who I have mentioned it to see my business in a greater light.

    Secondly, after coming in and helping a business rebuild itself, I will have developed a close relationship with a business that has a developed fear of crime, meaning my chance of making a sale to them is high.

    Thirdly, word of mouth, what better word of mouth could there be? none.

    So that is all well and good Sam, but we don’t deal with robberies, how can I use this?
    Every business solves some kind of problem, this technique obviously wont go so great with copywritting services and the likes, but modified versions of it used in PR, Sales, security and even carpentry could offer great returns for minimal effort. And the best bit is, at the end of the day you get to feel the self satisfaction of actually helping someone who was in a bad way.

    edit: This post was a great way to procrastinate from cold calling though right?

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