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    Hi there,

    About an hour ago, I registered my business- see my login name .

    Basically, I’m a career waiter, who taught hospitality and events and worked in wonderful restaurants with employers who taught me everything I know… So, now at 30 years old, I have a strong desire to start a consultancy helping out small-medium hospitality businesses…. you know the ones, they’re owned by Ma and Pa Neverdonethisbeforewhatarewedoinghere!? The ones where the locals really want to like it, but are forced to stay well away because the damn service makes you feel like pond scum.

    The only problem is that the get up and go, that ability to see beyond all the problems and sit in the bigger picture- to aim confidently towards success with my abilities which I do have much faith in is making me drag my feet, to question my ability to pull it off.

    So, I’d love it so much if you could help me out by telling me your rags to riches story- even if it is not yet a ‘riches’ story just yet. I’d love to know where you came from and the journey you’ve had, and where its led you today.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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