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    This week on my blog I wrote a post: “What was it you were telling me about why you can’t succeed?”. The intent was clear. I’m trying to bring some balance to the economic debate, as it specifically relates to Australian business. Yes, these are hard times and yes, there are some real hardships being felt. But we need to remember, we are in control.

    Proof positive:

    1. A client, (I am on retainer to her business and am also a board member) tells me she will pay me my full-fee to “volunteer” my consulting services for a day to help a friend. I said, that I didn’t think that was the most appropriate way to help her friend. If you don’t pay for something you tend not to value it as much. The three of us had breakfast, chatted and her friend agreed to engage my services at full-fee, and I agreed to payment terms. Her friend is in control and not making excuses.
    2. There was a vacancy in my Private Clients Mentor Program becoming available on 1 March. I keep a list of people who express an interest in joining when there is an opening. I sent an email to those 14 people and within 15 minutes someone registered and paid in full via my website. That person is in control and taking charge of their future.
    3. The Queensland President of an Association requests a meeting to discuss the possibility of me speaking at their national conference later in the year. “But we don’t have much money, it’s tough at the moment.” During our coffee date, I asked smart questions, listened intently to her wants, and then explained what I was hearing she actually needed. I will be giving a keynote, doing a breakout, and every delegate is receiving a copy of my $55 CD on “Getting to the Buyer“. The five-figure fee was more than double what she was intending to invest in me originally. I am responsible for the trajectory of my business.

    So, why the pessimism?

    When the Spanish explorer, Hernando Cortez landed at Veracruz, he immediately burned his ships. He said to his sailors: “You can fight or you can die”.

    Burning his ships removed the third option: ceding and sailing back to Spain. Now and then it requires greater creativity to eradicate excuses than it does to come up with the idea.

    What three factors make it harder to achieve your business objectives?
    How might you stop the excuses?


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