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    Hi everyone

    This really resonated with me.

    From the article:

    You want to tackle that blog post on that one topic, but you’re not an expert.

    You want to create that eBook but everyone else has already written an eBook and they’ve done it better than you.

    You want to reach out to an influencer with the hopes of collaborating, but they’ve never heard of you.

    You want to take a short course in a topic you know will be useful, but it looks overwhelming.

    You want to create a course for your audience but where do you even start? And you’ve hardly got time for your work as it is, how would you ever fit this in?

    And the five words?

    Done Is Better Than Perfect.


    I hope this helps to re-ignite that spark you had.

    And my personal three words?

    Never Give Up.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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