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    Lucy Kippist
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    Robert Gerrish interviewed life coach, Jaemin Frazer for this week’s podcast episode and I have already listened to it twice! According to Jaemin who helps people overcome or at least start to face their insecurities, asking ourselves what we really want can be dangerous.

    Why? Well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast! Ha. But can I say that I agree with him. I have recently begun a process of this kind of thinking across all the main areas of my life. I started with a blank sheet of paper and wrote a column for Health Work Family Love etc and tried to write down exactly what I wanted to achieve in each. It was actually REALLY hard to get specific and quite confronting actually.

    I’m sharing because part of what Jaemin talks about is the importance of finding someone in your life (preferably not a loved one) who you can discuss these things with, and they can act as a bit of an accountability partner. His theory is that a stranger can really help here because they don’t love you and have no emotional investment in your relationship, they’re just a sounding board.

    Would love to know what you guys think about the podcast, the ideas above and if you’ve ever tried an exercise like this?

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