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    I found one of the employees steals the tips in my sister’s restaurant. The staff always works hard and she has worked in the restaurant for quite a long time.

    I don’t know how long she has been doing this. I talked to my sister but both of us are now in a dilemma. We think we should install more cameras to get the evidence of her stealing, then go talk to her. But we still want to know if there is a better way to solve this. Please advise, thanks.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hi and welcome to Flying Solo.

    It does kind of depend on how you (and perhaps the co-owners of the tips – other staff), want to proceed.

    If you want harder evidence for police or because you want to fire her, cameras or some other way of surveilling her both work.

    My experience is that softer options do not work long term.

    Good luck in a messy situation.


    Cec Busby
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    Heya, a couple of questions? How do the tips work at your restaurant? Do your staff split the tips or do staff get what they earn – for example sometimes when I’m at a fine dining restaurant I would pay the sommelier a tip and my wait staff- but it is for their service not the staff of the restaurant as a whole. Is she simply taking what was given to her as a tip by a specific customer? Or is she stealing from a combine tip pool. Also, tips are generally split between staff – the restaurant doesn’t get a cut. So theoretically she isn’t stealing from your sister but from her workmates…

    Cec Busby Editor Flying Solo
    Tom Valcanis
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    I think your sister’s workplace should call an all hands meeting and discuss the penalties for stealing (or misappropriating) tips. Do her workers know that this is “stealing,” as Cec mentioned? When I worked in retail, for a large company, our induction set out the penalties for stealing even if it was $20. That being immediate termination and a handover to the police.

    People also come from different circumstances. I once worked at a company that didn’t require doctor’s certificates to prove we were ill. Yet another workplace required me to get a certificate within 24 hours if I didn’t turn up with one the next day.

    Perhaps an amnesty is better than trying to wring justice out of what may end up being crossed wires.

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