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    I’ve been running my business for 18 months, which is business coaching for franchising. The two threads of the business are (1) coaching franchisees who are new or who are struggling, and (2) helping business owners to franchise their business on a budget.

    I’ve had magnificent feedback from the industry I’m in that what I do is needed, the clients I’ve had think I’m great, but the business is just not gaining any traction.

    When I pick up one client, I lose another. And the clients seem to be few and far between, despite the general industry agreement that my service is needed and wanted in the industry.

    I took my decision in January to close the business at the end of June if it wasn’t bringing in a decent number of clients (and a decent amount of money).

    I’ve had loads of hits on my website from blogs I’ve written and things I’ve curated, I attend loads of networking events and I’ve cultivated industry contacts. I’ve done Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns. I’m active on the relevant groups on LinkedIn. I’ve hired a marketing specialist, who was also not able to create any momentum for me.

    It makes me feel a bit ill to think I will be closing my business, but I’m not really interested in flogging a dead horse.

    I have a little bit over 2 months. What do you think I should try as a last ditch effort to try to save the business? (Dollars are extremely tight)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hi Bree

    You have my daughters name….:)

    Right now you need to coach yourself or find someone to look at your business from the outside. You are too within the business right now and may be struggling to see clearly.

    Happy to give you a free consult if you are interested, would love to help if I can.

    Chris H
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    Hello Bree,

    I know this must be quite a heart breaking situation to find yourself in, but I do applaud the way you are evaluating in a calm and rational matter.

    Before you close up shop I would recommend a bit of old fashioned door knocking.
    With everything I have ever tried in business I have gained the most by spending an afternoon visiting businesses and arriving on their front door.
    I am a big fan of targeted campaigns, i.e. if you’ve worked with motor mechanics before, knock up a simple brochure of the services and benefits you can offer to a mechanic’s business. Then Go to the yellowpages and find all the local mechanics and lob up on their front door.
    The more face time you have in front of the customer the more you understand their needs and refine your pitch. There’s probably a host of areas that are giving them troubles that you could manage such as debtor management etc.

    Seriously, I have found that the results with targeted material delivered to the owner of the business is brilliant. People tend to care a lot less about no hawker signs when you have material targeted to their industry.

    It’s outside most people’s comfort zones, but I have landed million dollar accounts through cold calling.

    I’m not a fan of networking events as lead generators because everyone is there to sell and no-one is there to buy.

    I also think that working with small business you have to focus on providing direct results. Everyone is time starved, so the more services you can offer (they can all be subcontracted out) the better. People are time poor and my experience with business advisor’s is that they often want you to invest time in things that won’t bring immediate results when there are more pressing matters at hand. As I pointed out earlier, debtor management is huge, as are things like procurement, water, gas, electricity. Offer to eliminate their phone bill with VoIP…. In my opinion there are a huge number of ways that businesses in Australia could cut and boost revenue tomorrow if they were made aware.

    I don’t understand why nearly every business consultant that contacts me seems obsessed with social networking and SEO. Fine if I was an ebusiness, but I am not.

    If there is anything I can do to help Bree, please let me know.

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