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    Rena OakTeckVA
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    Hi guys,
    It’s good to join this forum. Recently moved to Melbourne from NZ, I have been looking for a local platform for a while. FlyingSolo looks great. I am glad I’ve made it here.

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    I’m glad you posted this article.
    I would upload a picture of myself but having seen and read about identity theft I avoid doing so, I hope you all don’t mind me using an avatar :)

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    Is it possible to change my username? I’ve somehow ended up as Samantha-c which isn’t one I would have picked, at least not without a capital C! Please can you point me in the right direction for doing so?

    Many Thanks,

    Peter – FS Administrator
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    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for getting involved :)
    I can help with this. I’ll send you a direct message now.
    Cheers, Peter

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    I have just sorted out an issue with Lisa’s kind help which had my email address showing instead of my user name. The first post I made on a topic is still showing the email address. Is there somewhere I can delete the post?


    Lisa Crocker
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    Hi again Joe!

    Because your username has changed, I’ll need to delete that post for you. Can you please email me the link to the post and I’ll remove it.


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    Hi! I just joined here…im super lost…Good thing i saw this…Thank you for the tips…now im confident enough to join the forum…:):):)

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    Hi Flying Solo, I just created a new website and wanted to get everyone’s feedback. This is my first time creating a website from scratch and any suggestions for improvement would be wonderful. Thank you so much.

    Kelly Exeter FS Editor
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    Hey there [USER=87157]@melbournesigns[/USER] – welcome!

    If you want everyone to see your post and give you the feedback you’re after create a new message in the ‘Tell Me Straight’ part of these forums. They’re specifically designed for things like this :)


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    Thank you Jayne so much! Tips helped me!

    Sam Mariner
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    Hello to the Flying Solo community,

    New to the forum and looking forward to sharing experiences and reading great articles about being an independant professional.

    Thank You.

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    thanks for the tips

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    Hi, thank you for the information 😎

    Julia Sta Romana
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    Thanks for the tips! Looking forward to learning from everybody here =)

    [Former] FS Concierge, post: 172828, member: 2205 wrote:
    Hi there,

    Thank you for joining the Flying Solo forums – you’ve made our day!

    We’ve put together this list of handy tips to help you get the best from your time here and suggest you spend a few moments working through them before making your first post.

    Set up your signature: Your forum signature appears underneath your posts, so anyone who’s interested in your products or services will know where to find you. To set yours up, head to the Control panel, and choose Signature. Please keep your signature short (4 lines, 200 characters max) and professional. Adding a tagline and linking to your business website is fine, but no more than three links are permitted and no images please.

    Show us your face: We’d love it if you personalised your profile by uploading a headshot to appear alongside your posts. First crop your picture to be 80 x 80 pixels and no more than 19.5 KB, and then head back to the account area and choose personal details and upload an image from your computer, upload the file, and save your changes.

    Personalise the rest of your profile: Also in your account area, choose from the menus to enter a little more info you’d like to share about yourself and your business (including where you’re based), and include links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest accounts. (Hint: When linking to your social media pages, make sure NOT to include http:// and to scroll right to the bottom of the page to save the changes you’ve made).

    Read up on the rules: To help get a handle on how things work around here, please have a read through of the forum community guidelines, and this brief introduction to forum etiquette.

    All done? Right-oh, you’re ready to make your first post! We recommend you start by introducing yourself and your business to the rest of our community by starting a new thread in the New Members section of the forum. Once that’s done, feel free to jump in and get amongst it.

    And if you have any questions, please send me a private message (PM) – I’m here to help and will respond within 2 working days, probably sooner ☺.

    All the best,

    Jayne and the FS Crew

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    Peter – FS Administrator, post: 230133, member: 1 wrote:
    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for getting involved :)
    I can help with this. I’ll send you a direct message now.
    Cheers, Peter
    Hi Peter,

    Can you help me with my username when you have a moment? Unless you can point me in the the right direction.

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