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    1. What needs reviewing? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)Our business name.
    2. What does your business do? Provides IT support, consultancy, advice and services
    3. Who is your target market?primarily business, primarily small sector – upto 25 users or there abouts.
    4. What specific concerns do you have? Which name seems preferable?

    We trade as Adept Small Business IT. It’s a long name, makes a rubbish domain name and a poor shortened domain name (adeptsbit)
    I always wanted to trade as Adept IT but could never register it. I have been able to register it as a previous owner removed it. So now I have it.
    I have most of the relevant domain names.

    Adept IT is easier and shorter to say, and adept-it.com is easier to tell people as an email address
    I always wanted that name anyway
    our logo only has “adept it” anyway

    I can’t get Adept-IT.com.au (i do have adept-it.com)
    all the business cards and media say adeptsbit.com.au (easy enough to refer the page)

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    I hugely prefer adept-IT.com, and I recommend you format it always with the capital IT. I also wouldn’t worry too much about missing the AU at the end. Make sure you put the words ‘Australia’ or ‘Adelaide’ in your page title, and people who find you via search engines will get the point.

    Good luck,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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