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    Hi all,

    I’m a moderator on a long standing niche forum where the current owner wants to pass on ownership and responsibility for the forum. It had previously been sponsored by his business in a related field – i.e. all hosting costs were paid by the business and other industry sponsors had deals with that business.

    Ideally we need to move the forum to a group management model with the following requirements:

    1) We need to be able to take money from sponsors to pay for hosting and occasional competitions. It’s never exceeded $2K per year and is unlikely to ever crack $5K.

    2) The organisational structure needs to be simple enough that its upkeep is not an undue burden on the management team, both from a management perspective and a financial one.

    3) The management team needs limited liability – we have had one instance where we have been threatened with a lawsuit by a big electronics firm over the comments of one member. We acquiesced to their demands and it went no further, but it’s still an ongoing concern.

    We could be nominally based in Queensland as that’s where most active members reside, although we do have a few in each state.

    So far it looks to me like an association would be the most appropriate option. Given that under QLD regulations, we’d be a Level 3 org, our bookkeeping and reporting obligations seem like they’d be minimal.

    Any advice that can be provided would be most welcome!



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    Hi Kelsey

    You really need to speak with an accountant that can take into account all the surrounding circumstances – not so easy to just answer on a forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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