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    Punk rock music fans are some of the most passionate around, far more passionate than 99% of the Britney Spears or Pink fans out there. Their fans are passionate because they feel like they’re part of something unique. Their music is typically not played on the radio or mentioned in the media.
    They’re passionate because of exclusivity. Because of this they turn up without fail to every gig, own the band shirt in 3 different colours, and walk around wearing that band advertisement while they tell their friends about the band.

    You’re business could be a punk rocker. It could make its customers feel exclusive and special, have them turn up for every sale and bring a few friends too. It’s often how the world’s most successful small businesses started off. Learning your customers names is a start, talking with them about what they like about you and how you could do better is good and inviting them to your limited to 50 members loyalty sales is great.

    Open up the sale down the track and let the original members bring a friend while you continue to meet your new customers and know them. Small business should be small and personal. Most of the time small business owners forget the personal and can’t help but stay small.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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