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    1. What needs reviewing?
    my website and content

    2. What does your business do?
    Graphic design

    3. Who is your target market?
    Small businesses

    4. What specific concerns do you have?
    How I come across and what can be improved on
    please be honest :)

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    Hi Rochelle,

    I like the design, it has a clean simple and straight forward feel to it.
    But I dont like the bold itallic font.

    The price guide page has some little alignment issues;

    Logo price guide
    The first line is a little to the left of the other lines

    print graphic price guide
    The first line of both colums the price is a little to the left of the others.

    web & social price guide
    These colums dont line up the ones in print graphic price guide immediately above and the second price for web design is out.

    The other pages appear fine. Nicely done.


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    my first thought was that i like it…the logo, colours and space at the top…then nav and the content below put me off…. and i then thought the site is (800px?) not very wide and reminds me of how sites were made before 960 or 1024 became the standard…it feels a little dated…

    look at http://www.hatchedlondon.com/ (no, not mine, just had it open) see how it is much more modern feeling. less cramped…check out http://cssdesignawards.com/ and look at sites on there, then look at yours….

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    Hi Rochelle,
    Congrats on your website, its looking good.
    Some feedback.
    The first thing I am hit with is your price list, FAQ’s, Hello….these are almost the secondary things I would be looking at as a potential client. So I don’t really like that.
    I would prefer to see ‘services’, ‘portfolio menu’ ‘About us’ front and centre so I can get to know what your about and then move on to the pricing and then the FAQ’s if I have more questions.
    I like your motion graphics reel but I was not exactly sure what I was watching in terms of the components you have designed. Can you add some descriptive so its highlighted?
    You only have your own website listed currently….so maybe you don’t publish this page until you do have other brands to show?
    Overall I think your portfolio needs more content as it does not really show me too much diversity.
    Pricing I think needs to have the hourly rate listed. As as the moment I am not too sure how long you will be spending on each service for the price. (may be my personal preferance when employing a freelancer).
    Assume you are working hard on growing your social media followers? Eg facebook currently 74 likes. This is important as I know I would click to see how well established you were. Even just a few hundred would help. (I have liked the page!..so now your at 75!).

    Just initial thoughts from first look.
    let me know if you want any more feedback!
    Warm Regards


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    Firstly I would agree with the comments of others, spot on. A good job, but could do with some improvement.

    With your logos etc, you do seem to have a certain “style”, which is what was eluded to in mentions of all looking similar. This can be either a good or a bad thing. I can’t think of the site name now, but there is a female designer who specialises in soft, feminine, pretty designs with pastel colours, and makes a point of that. Not the one I was thinking of, but Lindsey from “Pretty Darn Cute Design” does the same thing in the Website / WordPress area, and it works well for her (being pretty darn cute herself doesn’t hurt either, but I digress!)

    I see your designs as in roughly the same area, not sure if this is intentional. Now i’m not sure if you are looking to carve out this sort of niche yourself, but you do need to decide. If so, need to make it really clear – make it a positive and a differentiation, sell it harder. On the other hand if you want to be a more general designer rather than niche, you need some style diversity in your portfolio.

    My other piece of advice is to NEVER include your own website, own logo, own business cards etc in your portfolio. It just makes you look small. If you need to build up a portfolio in an area, do cross – sell or even a freebie for an existing client, a friend, a relative, a local charity etc to build up your portfolio. Need at least three pieces NOT including yourself to look serious in any area.

    Hope this helps,

    PS: Blatent self promotion – check out this website I made gratis for a local charity using of the pretty darn cute templates: Chicks Walk for a Cause

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    No comment on the design, not my area.

    But one small thing that’ll add a professional touch. You need a Favicon.ico that appears in the browser bar.

    At the moment it’s the generic Squarespace one.

    It’s easy to fix, go to “settings”. That’ll open by default in “site”, scroll down and you’ll see “Browser icon ( Favicon)”. Just drag an image into the box and your done.

    Cheers Greg

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