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    Hey everyone!

    So apparentely when selling online where customers are coming from lost of different countries, some countries require VAT being charged. ie Europe.

    I’m charging VAT to everybody in the EU and then sending that money to the gov via MOSS which takes care of it.

    Since Brexit through UK has been pulled out of this system but still require their citizens to pay VAT on items purchases from overseas.

    The issue is, I can’t register for a VAT number without an address in the UK or a tax representative over there like an accountant. However, only about 2% of my customers are from the UK and I don’t make more than 4k from them. The amount I’d have to spend on an account just to get my $800 or so VAT bill sorted seems like it wouldn’t be worth it.

    I contacted some companies here in Australia to ask about it, they basically said lots of small businesses don’t bother. Doesn’t feel right, not sure what everybody else is doing here about this? It is just a case of ignore it?

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