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    Hi all,

    I lecture Advertising at the University of Western Sydney, and I’m looking for five more small businesses that would like to participate in our Advertising Strategy program.

    Over 10 weeks, a team of 3-4 undergrad students will meet with you, then examine the market, the product, the environment, the target market, opportunities etc.. From there they develop an advertising strategy, including a range of media free/low cost media options up to $5K that would work for your business. It’s all free, you’re under no obligation to use the advice, and besides giving the students the opportunity to work with actual businesses, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the businesses themselves – the benefit of fresh eyes looking at their business, new promotional ideas, better ways to use social media and so on.

    It would require you to have one skype/conference call/visit with the team over the next fortnight, and then you would receive emails from one of them every week/fortnight. At the end, I ask you to fill in a 10 question online survey to give me some feedback on the value of the program.

    At this stage, we are only working with businesses selling products/services to consumers (not to other businesses).

    Email me directly if you are interested – [email protected]


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