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    Unique Pty Company for Multiple brands


    Considering the following scenario:

    I registered a company as: Coastal Trade Pty
    Can I register two different brands i.e:

    1) Maria Madalena (clothes)
    2) Mermaid (women shoes)

    Using the same company? I am a bit confused because I have read somewhere that to register a domain (as .com.au) the company name must be consistent with the domain name….

    I’d like to have just one company operating two different brands and two different product type, under the same bonnet…is that possible?

    *I tried to search the answer here…however I failed, please I do apologize if this is too obvious!

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    You can certainly register two or more TRADING NAMES that operate under your company. For example, Unique P/L trading as Mermaid Shoes. Then you could register it as a com.au without any problems if it was available. From what I understand though, they would be all lumped together as one ABN which means at tax time all income from all those sources are lumped together.
    Check with your accountant or the ATO.

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    Hi MeV

    As Karen so politely advised, the company (being its own legal entity) can register multiple trading names as you appear to be requesting. This then rolls into satisfying the regulatory bodies that oversee the .com.au space as the registered trading name allows the registration of said .com.au :)

    And, as Karen then advised, all registered business names would feed into your top level ‘coastal trade pty ltds’ entity and use this registered ABN keeping all revenues under the coastal trade pty ltd reporting requirements for tax and incomes etc etc

    Hope that helps?


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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