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    I have an abn but am looking to add a business name, instead of being a sole trader under my name. I maybe working at a place where invoice detail is readily available to most employees via their intranet system.

    Often this can be a sensitive issue with regard to contractors rates vs employees rates, irrespective of all the other costs contractors have to factor in. It can still cause friction when employees, can easily see an invoice and the persons name clearly listed etc, of which they work along side.

    Rather than relying on the company to keep my invoice withheld, can anybody share any info on the use of initials within a business name.
    For example, the name could be J.B.E & C. This is what would appear on any invoices and be registered with ASIC.

    On my own documentation, letter heads, quotes to other companies, promo & advertising, is it possible underneath that name to break down what the initials stand for ?

    eg J.B.E & C

    could also read, with written in smaller test underneath on docs, websites, adverts, stationary etc.

    J.B.E & C
    Joe Bloggs Engineering & Consulting


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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