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    Hi All,

    I must have put something out into the cosmos without realising and have been approached by 2 companies in as many weeks asking if I would be interested in putting together a video presentation for them on the subject of trademarks/intellectual property!! This could be great exposure so is of course something I would like to do.

    One of them is to be approx. 45 minutes presentation. It will be screened as a part of a weekend long business conference. It will primarily be streamed (online) for virtual attendees to this conference so that they have something to watch whilst the ‘live’ conference is on lunch breaks etc.

    In any event, as 45 minutes is a decent length I am thinking that I could combine some ‘real person’ video time (i.e. me discussing topics etc) with some digitial ‘how to’ style images (kind of like digital presentation I suppose). I know there is software that can record your movements on the computer, and obviously software to edit actual video footage. Putting everything together and resulting in a professional looking presentation for this purpose though is totally out of my area of expertise!

    So – am hoping the above gives a reasonable brief on the project and would love to hear recommendations and/or quotes for services to assist in putting this video together. If further information is needed in order to provide an idea of cost – please reply to this post, or email me (jacqui@mmwtrademarks.com.au)

    Thanks everyone in advance :)

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    Hi Jacqui – Camtasia by TechSmith http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia-2gslp.html?gclid=CKX4xOfM-7QCFQFKpgoddDAAAQ is the best software for recording your screen and your voice showing how something is done.

    The important thing to remember is to do it at the highest resolution possible, particularly if it is to be blown up onto a screen. (Poor resolution will look awful if blown up larger.)

    If you want someone to film you and do the whole thing for you, then try searching in the Directory under video editing for someone in Melbourne nearby.

    All the best with your presentation.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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