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    Hi Troops,
    There is a constant theme across many FS posts questioning the value of social media marketing.

    Yes, they can work but it they are not a single medium with universal attributes and they are not panaceas.

    If you are a serious student of online marketing, this video is worth the hour it takes to watch in its entirety.

    Video: Social Marketing Confessions
    Leading brands discuss what has and hasn’t worked in social media marketing.

    This is a panel discussion that includes representatives from Dell Computers and Turner Media.

    (Did you know that Dell has trained 8,000 of its staff to be social media “accredited”?.)

    Questions posed to the panel:

    1. What is working in 2013 when it comes to social media?
    2. What is not working in social media?
    3. Should we send traffic to Facebook and Twitter?
    4. Is real time marketing just a trend?
    5. How are you using social media to drive the customer experience?
    6. What tools are you using to measure social?
    7. How are you developing a 1:1 relationship with your customers?
    8. Global vs local issues?
    9. What are the risks of social marketing?
    10. How are you using social for X-channel marketing?

    Hope you find it interesting.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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