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    Hi guys.

    I was wondering if folks have recommendations for virtual address services within Brisbane, South-East Brisbane location which offer mail forwarding only. I don’t need virtual reception/phone etc. Just mail receipt notifications and mail forwarding options for daily basis or when instructed if not for more customisable mail forwarding options.

    The purpose is to use address just for domain whois contact for domains which do not support whois privacy and for official service address for my DMCA agent application filing so as to keep all my current domain’s whois privacy intact and not leaked in the online DMCA agent database.

    For DMCA agent filing for DMCA safe harbour protection requirements, the address has to be non-PO BOX.

    Currently cheapest I found for non-PO Box address is http://www.virtualheadquarters.com.au/pricing/virtual-address at AUD$720 for 12-15 months.



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    Hi George,

    See if Mailboxes etc have a location in Brisbane (mbe.com.au), pretty sure their non po box rate is around $300 per year but you’ll have to find out how much the mail forwarding option is.

    Hope it helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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