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    Hi all,

    I am Creative Director at Creative Development. We create marketing and web design campaigns for a wide range of businesses, small and large.

    About a eight months ago, I started recording marketing/small business podcasts with a business partner of mine, however he decided to move on to other interests, and the venture fell through.

    I would like to continue the project, however, as with the Tango, it really takes two.

    The basic requirements are that you have your own business, have more than 5 years experience at some sort of managerial/senior level, and you have Skype and a microphone. You should also be able to commit to about an hour a week.

    It would be ideal if you were in Sydney, but that is not a requirement obviously.

    At this stage I am trying to find the “right” person to work with, so I am open to almost any sort of suggestions.

    I will give more specific information on the program to any potential candidates, however the broad idea is this;

    The main thrust of the program is “generating new business”, through a variety of practical processes. So that might be Marketing, Joint Ventures, SEO. We both must be able to offer real-world, practical, experience and advice on the topics.

    Each week we prepare a specific topic of which one or both of us are interested. One week it could be finding the right niche, next week it could be how to use WordPress to its fullest. Again, I would be open to suggestions.

    For the first half dozen sessions we would just be finding our feet, and building some sort of chemistry, which is ultimately what I am looking for.

    The opportunities for you will be the ability to promote your own business and expertise through another marketing channel. Also you will be able to bounce ideas off someone new.

    PM me here if you are interested, or you can contact me at the Creative Development website below. Hopefully there will be someone here who matches this description.

    Robert Steers
    Creative Development

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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