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    Lets Talk Career
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    Wondering if anyone out there in FS community has any advice for a new start up on where/how to market a new half day training program for line managers in Melb on ‘Having effective career conversations with their people’. Perhaps a business association with a mailing list we can approach (where we offer members a discount?).

    We have a great online and printed brochure ready to go. (online brochure can be seen in link below).

    Or has anyone ever used a business developer for this sort of thing before?

    Really love some advice/guidance from anyone ‘in the know’ on this topic.

    Course online brochure here –

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    Hi there Let’s Talk Careers,

    I’m not the right person to help you out with this, but did want to welcome you to the forum and say thanks for joining us.

    We tend to find that people are most inclined to offer their advice and help once they feel they’ve gotten to know you a bit, so I’d encourage you to head over to the Introduce yourself section of the forums and tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

    Good luck with your new venture,

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    You have to address:

    1. The offer
    2. How it is presented
    3. Its value
    4. How to disseminate it

    Some random offerings…

    How it is presented.
    Have you tested your email piece? “Got a monkey on your back?” strikes me as too obtuse to hit the spot in the split second you have to get a potential client’s interest. Have you tried a headline based around “Solve your biggest staff interview problem” – It’s obvious I’m no copywriter but I don’t suppose too many line managers have a problem with a monkey on their backs. If you don’t hit the concept on the head, your email click thoughs will be decimated.

    How to disseminate your message
    You give us little info on your comms resources. It looks like your website is new. It is not SE optimised, so I’m assuming you have limited traffic. The word “workshop” is not used anywhere on your site so you can’t expect people to find your course in the SEs. That’s a shame because it could be your most important Internet distribution vehicle.

    As a fallback strategy, I’d start looking for communications opportunities with HR Managers. I obviously don’t know your market but it strikes me that HR Managers are really the ones with the problem. They are the ones nagging line managers to provide the required career growth information.


    Shaukat Adam Khalid
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    you say it’s a great brochure. what makes it great? is it based on your opinion or actual responses and conversion rates?

    clever and funny headlines rarely work. seems like you need the service of a copywriter to write a compelling piece that attracts clients and partners that will promote your business.

    If you can’t afford a quality copywriter, offer a lower fee + % of revenue to make up the difference. you will need to accept their version of the copy though because working for results for a company that is inexperienced with strategic marketing is very risky.

    seems like you have a sound proposition. just need to differentiate and position yourself. all the best.

    gen Y advantage
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    Half a day is a lot of give up, especially for managers – as then they’d have to go back to their desks and answer emails, complete tasks and everything else they need to do. I agree with the others on the value proposition – what is the workshop going to do to help them.

    You could start a campaign with smaller commitments before ‘selling’ the half day session. A way you can do this is join relevant LinkedIn groups in your area and connect with people online/local businesses.

    Then market and offer a free 1 hour online webinar or teleseminar – which adds VALUE – not a complete self promotion/sale. Decide what you can pack in that short time, what would help them, how do you solve their biggest issues, give them a taster for what you are offering for the full day workshop and then ‘sell’ the workshop in the last 5 minutes or so.

    You can market this by adding the event online, on LinkedIn and invite the groups you are involved with.

    Its also handy to offer a special webinar promo offer etc for people who’ve entered the call to ‘push’ them towards a sale. A 1 hour commitment is doable, as opposed to a straight sell of a half day workshop.

    One of my clients in the US shares a short tv series on a 10 step process for moving your potential clients towards saying ‘yes’ to your services – perhaps that would give you an idea on how to run your webinar/telecall/teleseminar you can find her process at: http://www.anastasianetricoaching.com/shinyleaderstv

    Best wishes,

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