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    Hi everyone,

    I have finally got my website up and running and just wanted to know what everyone thought of it

    its http://www.bayonaswim.com

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    Hi Christina,

    It looks really lovely and elegant, just a couple of recommendations:

    • On the hone page sliders, I would rename the images, you can see the image names splash up when you roll over them (Image attached – I have put a red circle around the name)
    • I highly recommend more information on the About You page, explain the designs and how you started, where they are made etc etc.
    • Individual Product Images – seeing as you only have a few products right now, you want those to shine, so as a buyer I would want to see more pictures, front and back images on your models (like your Safari product).

    Once again it really is a lovely and clean site, lots of nice clears space.

    Well done :):)


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    So many problems not sure why I would buy from you.

    About us tells me nothing about you
    No ABN
    No Contact details
    No address
    No trust

    You have cloned your FAQ’s from a site called Seafolly, if you are going to do that at least change the name in the FAQ

    I’m a male so most likely can’t say this but I will, why are all the pictures of size 6 body beautiful women, I thought that practice went out. Use real people.

    Oh and a Hotmail address, more trust.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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