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    does anyone know where there is a howto on incorporating/ intergrating a website with crm/ project management software, or would i need to employ the services of some special IT services.
    this may tie into this post

    example website uses wordpress, and behind the scenes to organise customers/ members, volunteers, staff and other things uses a crm or project management software, to keep track of meetings, chats/ discussions, howto manuals, etc but they just log-in to 1 system and everything is tracked?

    A couple of project management softwares i have looked at are
    1) Delightful Labor which has good guides, but is US in money and dating.
    2) Ganib

    maybe there is something better?

    I am looking for the purposes of small non-profit charity/ communtity organisations rather than business as they might not have funds to run things like openerp or act! or any of the other meriod of others

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    There are a number of companies that give there software and services away to non-profit charity/ community organisations, I know SalesForce do.

    Depending on what the needs of the CRM is you can also try Base (http://www.getbase.com)

    The iWeb Dev team is more than happy to help out and answer any questions you might have on the IT web services side of things (don’t worry i’m not going to try sell and charge you). Feel free to contact [email protected].


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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